Bringing back memories with music

You’d be hard-pressed to find a day without music at BayBridge Senior Living communities. We know that concerts and sing-alongs are music to seniors’ ears:  mealtime is the only activity that draws more residents at our retirement residences. We’re happy to indulge our seniors’ love of music because we know it has the power to lift the spirits and connect to the brain.

Music and memories

Have you ever heard a tune and felt like you’ve drifted back in time, or been swept to a special place? We’ve seen residents flash 1,000-watt smiles the moment they hear a song they associate with an important experience from their past. You can thank neuroscience for those flashbacks: the brain is able to connect music with emotions and memories. Studies have found that listening to music uses a range of neural networks, particularly the areas responsible for motor skills, emotions and creativity.

Music and dementia

Songs and melodies are also triggers for seniors with a dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease. Residents who may have lost the capacity to recognize family members might retain the ability to recall lyrics from a song that has a personal significance (maybe a first date or a tune they once sang to their children). That’s because the hub of the brain activated by a familiar song is one of the last brain regions to deteriorate with the progression of Alzheimer’s.

Music as therapy

The universal appreciation for music is one reason our residences offer a variety of activities, from music at happy hour to weekly hymn sings to live performances and concert outings. Before new residents move in, we kindly ask them to share their favourite songs, preferred music genres and whether they play any instruments. If the resident ever becomes agitated or upset, we use the power of music to soothe their spirits.

You’ll find friendly people who share your taste in music at a BayBridge Senior Living community. Drop in today for a visit.

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