Best Summer Outings for Seniors

No matter where you live in Canada, there’s something special about summer. That’s why we make a point of celebrating it with plenty of outings and outdoor time at BayBridge Senior Living communities. Here are a few of the many ways our residents like to soak up summer.

Waterfront fun

There’s nothing like a quiet lake or sandy beach to make it feel like summer. That’s why trips to Port Dover or Grand Bend are always popular at The Court at Laurelwood. The excursion to Grand Bend includes a stop at a waterfront restaurant, a walk by the lake and a leisurely boat cruise down the Grand River. “Many residents used to have cottages in the area so these trips bring back memories,” says Life Enrichment Coordinator Carolyn Dix.

All winter they look forward to these getaways — they’re like a mini vacation from the usual routine.

Picnic, anyone?

Who doesn’t love eating al fresco. Residents at Carolina Suites enjoy an annual barbecue lunch at a local park where they mingle with seniors from the Perth community. They also look forward to the treats and citizen band at the annual Strawberry Social held by the Rotary Club.

Curtain call

We know summer is the season for theatre festivals, which is why we arrange to take residents from The Court at Laurelwood in Waterloo to theatres in Grand Bend and Cambridge.

Vineyard visits

We definitely take advantage of having communities located near wine country in Ontario and British Columbia. Residents love visiting a few Niagara wineries and then settling in for lunch at a local pub.

Road trips

We recently arranged a bus to take residents at Carolina Suites to the Ottawa Tulip Festival — which included seeing the official tulip unveiled for Canada’s 150th anniversary. “The bus trips allow residents with mobility issues to attend and feel comfortable knowing they can enjoy the scenery without getting on and off the bus,” says Life Enrichment Coordinator Lorel Herrington.

Farm fresh

We know many of our seniors grew up on farms, and everyone loves the taste of freshly picked fruit and veggies. Our residents are regulars at local farms where we stop in a few times over the summer so they can browse the market and pick up produce fresh from the fields.

Walk it out

Summer is prime time for getting in lots of outdoor activity, and our seniors are no different. In addition to walking clubs like the one at Orchard Valley, where the residents tally their mileage, seniors at Carolina Suites are taking part in a community walk to celebrate Perth’s 200th anniversary and support the local hospital.

Green scene

Sometimes we don’t even leave the residence to give seniors a healthy fix of nature. With ideas and help from residents, Life Enrichment Coordinator Michael Taylor planted an indoor garden in March at Martindale Gardens and transplanted everything — from green beans to parsley to potatoes — outside in May. Residents like to sit and watch the “young folk” tending to the garden while they help pick cherry tomatoes or pull the odd weed. “They enjoy watching, advising, laughing, reminiscing and sharing gardening experiences,” says Taylor, who learned so much from our residents that he’s since started his own garden at home.

Find out how you can make the most of the seasons with life enrichment activities and outings with friends by visiting a BayBridge Senior Living Community.

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