Why I’m Happy I Moved to Senior Living

We asked a dozen seniors, “Are you happy you moved to a BayBridge Senior Living community?” The short answer was an enthusiastic “Yes!” Here’s what they told us.

“I came here because my children had all left Montreal, where I’d lived for 60 years, and I have a son here with young grandchildren. I loved it right away. The people are nice. It’s never going to be like it was in Montreal but most of my friends had moved or died anyway. That’s life: you have to look forward and not back. Perhaps it was easy for me to settle in because it was my decision: this is what I wanted to do versus my family telling what I should do.”

–Christine, 82, The Marleigh, Unionville, ON

“The neighbours weren’t very friendly in our old neighbourhood. There were people around, but they just didn’t respond much. Here, there are lots of friendly people who care about you. If they don’t see my husband with me, they ask about him.”

–Helen, 84, The Heatherwood, St. Catharines, ON

“If you feel lonely in your apartment, you can go down to the lobby, have a coffee or tea and there’s always someone to talk to. I’ve got lots and lots of friends here. I like to exercise — I don’t miss any of the classes. If I go anywhere, I tell people, ‘I have to go home now.’ I really do consider this my home.”

–Irene, 91, Kingsmere Suites, Allison, ON

“I loved my century home but the garden was beginning to get overgrown and the stairs were a challenge. It was getting to be too much. I thought, ‘Now’s the time.’ I don’t regret having moved. I like the activities and the meals. I enjoyed cooking but it’s a relief not to think about meals anymore. There’s a nice variety with lots of choice.”

–May, 90, Martindale Gardens, Milton, ON

“I’m glad I can stay here until I pass. I know some who have gone into other homes and had to move when they got sick. Don’t leave it too late. If you keep saying, ‘I’m not ready, I’m doing fine,’ what happens when you get sick and have to go somewhere quickly and can’t look around?”

–Don, 92, The Marleigh, Unionville, ON

“I’ve had a disability all my life. I managed for a long time but now I am in a powered chair. The cost of adapting my condo — it didn’t make sense. So I thought about it. I knew I was going have to move sooner or later so I thought, “Let’s make it sooner.”

– Catherine, 76, Living Life on the Avenue, Toronto, ON

“I had my third operation on my back. The doctor didn’t think I’d ever walk again. I have been taking the exercise classes here just to get out and be social. I found that the more I went to the classes, the better I felt and the more determined I was to get back on my feet. I’m able to walk the hall with my walker now. I really do think that being here, where the people are like family, and where everyone is helpful, had everything to do with it. If I’d been in my apartment, I never would have come this far.”

–Donnavean, 85, Martindale Gardens, Milton, ON.

“My condo was getting a little too much to manage. I was lonely, and I wanted to be around other people. I have no relatives here but I’ve lived here almost all my life. I like the town, the residence is nice and the location is handy.”

–June, 89, Carolina Suites, Perth, ON

“I think a person knows when they cannot manage alone. Here, it’s a wonderful way to live. Everyone is so nice, the staff is unbelievable — you couldn’t ask for nicer people. I like the atmosphere and being able to see trees and grass. Some residences are just cement but it’s a beautiful setting. I like to sit out back with my dog, Sugar.”

–Mary, 82, Fairwinds Lodge, Sarnia, ON

“The staff is very good. They make you feel welcome. I think when you’re living alone, it’s wonderful to move to enjoy the company of friendly people.”

–Pearl, 99, Okanagan Chateau, Kelowna, BC

“I was living alone on two acres. Between the grass cutting, snow shoveling and trimming the cedar hedges, the house required intense physical activity inside and out. I felt I’d reach the time in my life when I should move into a place like this and not worry about cooking my own food and doing all the chores of owning a house. Now I’m extremely glad I moved because I’m having some problems with cataracts and glaucoma.

–Peter, Island View, Arnprior, ON

“My husband was in really bad shape when we came here. We were looking at homes where I could be in retirement and he could be in assisted living. My daughters were getting impatient but I dug my heels in: I wasn’t happy with anything we’d seen. When I came here, I said, “This is it, this is where I want to live.” Everyone — the staff, the waitresses — is so wonderful. The atmosphere is upbeat. There’s always something to do: we play bingo, rummy and crokinole. They bring in a lot of people who come to entertain us with music. The meals are wonderful. I don’t want to be anywhere else.”

–Shirley, 83, Doon Village, Kitchener, ON

When you’re ready, drop in for a tour of a BayBridge Senior Living community near you.

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