It’s Time for Me to Move

Living at the family home was becoming a challenge for Maura, 83, of London, Ontario. When her husband passed away in 2014, she not only lost her greatest companion, but also her driver, shopper and helper: though she has some peripheral vision, Maura is legally blind.

Her daughters jumped in to provide support. They drove her to the bank, read the mail, picked up groceries or helped with shopping. Daughter Michelle drove about 100 km once a week to stay overnight and help her mom. Another daughter, who lived a few doors away, would check in every other day. Maura still cooked thanks to Braille labels in her kitchen, but her daughters were worried about their mother navigating the stairs and lugging laundry around the two-story home where the family had lived for 42 years. They were also concerned about the house, which was showing its age and needing repairs.

Maura decided on her own that she was ready to move to Fairwinds Lodge retirement residence in Sarnia, which is close to her daughter, Michelle. Her ground-floor apartment with a patio walkout makes it easy for the active senior to step out for her routine walks. When the weather is bad, she takes exercise classes in the residence or walks in the hallways without worrying about slippery sidewalks or getting to a mall, which is where she used to walk laps in London.

…I know she’s going to be looked after.

Michelle is thrilled that her mom is happy and has found a sense of community. “She can walk out the door and see a friendly face so she’s never lonely. She doesn’t have to worry about cooking or changing sheets. If I’m not able to get over to see her, I know she’s going to be looked after.”

When you’re ready to make a move, you’ll find support and friendship at a BayBridge Senior Living community near you.

*Names have been changed for privacy.

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