Love is in the Air

Four seniors got more than they imagined after they moved to Kingsmere Suites, a BayBridge Senior Living community in Allison, ON. They knew they’d be enjoying delicious meals, daily activities and freedom from household chores. They had no idea they’d also find love.

June + Ken

Ken had to wait an extra day to move to Kingsmere Suites in June 2010 because his first choice was already taken — by June. He eventually met the woman who’d taken his preferred date: he’d been sitting at various tables in the dining room when he eventually joined the one where June was seated. “I ended up sitting with all women—it suited me just fine!” he says.

They got acquainted over many meals and elevator rides together, then Ken asked June out for dinner. That was the beginning of regular outings to restaurants, the theatre or the racetrack, or quiet moments at home discussing the news, playing cards or cheering for the Jays. The first time they went out, they felt a bit squeamish, wondering if other residents were noticing their time together. “One of us said, ‘Do you feel a bit like we’re back in high school?’” remembers Ken. “Turned out our relationship was obvious to everyone but us!”

Both of them had been married twice before and their partners had died. “We decided we did not want to marry again but we remain as good friends. After five and a half years, this is working with us,” says June. “We like having an escape route because we can both go home to our own suites,” says Ken.

Lois + Al

They’d known each other from chatting over meals and in the common room, but it was a Halloween party that brought Al and Lois together. “I was in my costume and Al asked if he could sit down,” says Lois, 85. “He asked if I’d mind going to the gala with him. We both love to dance.”

They like coming down and reading the paper together in the morning, watching TV or sharing a glass of wine before dinner, and they attend residence events — especially when there’s dancing. For the past two summers, they’ve taken a scenic, six-day river cruise together out of Peterborough.

They have no plans to move in together or get married. “We get along great but I don’t think we could live together!” says Lois. “We both like our privacy and our own apartments.”

We can’t promise you’ll meet your mate but we can guarantee you’ll find lots of friendly people at your nearest BayBridge Senior Living community.

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